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Posidonia's experience started with Mr. Enrico Ardito, Mr. Giuseppe Ardito, Mr. Cesare Livraghi before the second world war, under the name of 'Neptunia'. During those times they experienced with 'Liberty' and 'T2' ships, recycling pumps, shafts, propellers, boilers, anchors, chains, booms, derriks etc....
Nowadays the experience is continued under the new name of Posidonia (since 1984), by manufacturing part of the products and importing from China, India, Germany the rest of them.

The mission is still the same: RUNNING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!

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Enrico Ardito

Giuseppe Ardito

Cesare Livraghi

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TEL +39 0143 76669 - FAX +39 0143 143 2230 - Email posidonia@posidonia.com
POSIDONIA SRL: Uffici e officina - Head office and warehouse: Via Trattato di Maastricht 10 - 15067 - Novi Ligure - AL - Italy
Phone +39 0143 76669 - Fax +39 0143 143 2230
Email posidonia@posidonia.com

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