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Posidonia's experience started with Mr. Enrico Ardito, Mr. Giuseppe Ardito, Mr. Cesare Livraghi before the second world war, under the name of 'Neptunia'. During those times they experienced with 'Liberty' and 'T2' ships, recycling pumps, shafts, propellers, boilers, anchors, chains, booms, derriks etc....
Nowadays the experience is continued under the new name of Posidonia (since 1984), by manufacturing part of the products and importing from China, India, Germany the rest of them.

The mission is still the same: RUNNING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!

Stockless Super High Holding Power Anchor with Lloyd’s register patent

Posidonia PTW+® anchor it's our stockless anchor type recognized from
Lloyd’s register as SHHP

Certificate N°: ANCH4351

Go to PTW+ ® page

BUS Anchor? Why not!

A strange BUS in Budapest was looking for an anchor... POSIDONIA was the answer! :-)

World's biggest stainless steel anchor!

The world's biggest SHHP anchor (Super High Holding Power) made of DUPLEX ®, a very special stainless steel with amazing mechanical proprieties and very resistant to the corrosion was delivered to the world's largest yacht total length about 180 meters, built by a shipyard located in North Europe.

European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA

C-ART Project
The C-ART project proposes a new concept for salvage operations of distressed ships at sea.
In particular, the proposal focuses on the high risk operation of linking the emergency towing system of distressed ships to towing vessels.

Emergency Towing Arrangements E.T.A.

Emergency Towing Arrangements E.T.A.
» Click HERE to download Emergency Towing Arrangements E.T.A. PDF documentation


Studless chains

DIN 766, for barbotins, not for lifting purposes; DIN 764 Genovese link, for permanent moorings and fenders holding...

MSC 1175

International Maritime Organization
Guidance on shipboard towing and mooring equipment.
MSC/Circ.1175 - 24 May 2005
HV HHP Anchors

Our stainless steel HV HHP 855kgs anchors on Maltese Falcon.

TEL +39 0143 76669 - FAX +39 0143 143 2230 - Email posidonia@posidonia.com
POSIDONIA SRL: Uffici e officina - Head office and warehouse: Via Trattato di Maastricht 10 - 15067 - Novi Ligure - AL - Italy
Phone +39 0143 76669 - Fax +39 0143 143 2230
Email posidonia@posidonia.com

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