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NEW OCIMF Recommendations

Posidonia has been producing chain stoppers and fairleads for thirty years, in accordance with the "Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Mooring of Vessels at Single Point Moorings" (the third edition of which dates back to 1993).

The aforementioned edition stipulated that every tanker capable of trading with SPM must be equipped with chain stoppers and fairleads:

  • for vessels up to 150,000 DWT, 1 piece with SWL 200 t
  • for vessels over 150,000 but not exceeding 350,000 DWT, 2 pieces with SWL 200 t
  • for vessels over 350,000 DWT, 2 pieces with SWL 250 t [yield point 1.5 SWL]

In May 2007, OCIMF issued a fourth edition of the Recommendations which changed for new vessels - after January 1, 2009:

  • for vessels up to 100,000 DWT, 1 piece with SWL 200 t
  • for vessels over 100,000 but not exceeding 150,000 DWT, 1 piece with SWL 250 t
  • for vessels over 150,000 DWT, 2 pieces with SWL 350 t [yield point 2.0 SWL]

Posidonia is ready to supply chain stoppers and fairleads up to 350 t SWL to all new and existing vessels if needed!

Usage sectors

Tongue type chain stopper is particularly useful for tanker and oil vessels, as well as for offshore oil platforms, where a stable and safe position is needed during loading and unloading operations.
The equipment used for Single Point Mooring has been designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability during mooring operations.

Do you need a custom deck element for your needs?

What is SPM equipment?

SPM Equipment is an acronym that stands for "Single Point Mooring Equipment," which is the equipment used for "Single point mooring," a mooring system commonly used to keep ships and vessels in position in open waters.
The SPM Equipment includes a series of components, including a mooring buoy, an anchor line, a series of cables or chains such as chafe chains, and a series of control and motion management devices for the vessel such as an escort tug. The equipment is typically made up of a series of floating elements that are anchored to the seabed through a single anchoring point.

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17 July 2024
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