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Other Anchors and offshore Anchors

Anchors chosen by Posidonia for you

A century in the field of mooring.

Our 100 years of experience in the mooring field allow us to have contacts with the best manufacturers and obtain the best prices. We have seen many factories born and grow in their production.

Our technicians can, if needed, install the anchor and chains onboard or repair them in case of necessity.

How to choose an anchor.

Choosing the right anchor depends on a variety of factors, including the type of surface you're anchoring to, the weight of the anchor, and the conditions the anchorage will be exposed to. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose an anchor:

Determine the weight of the boat you need to anchor.

Consider the bottom conditions.

Evaluate the marine weather conditions.

Consider the type of connection (accessory) you will use with the anchor. The anchorage and connection accessory must be compatible with each other to ensure a secure attachment.

If in doubt, contact us. We are at your disposal for any request.

How many types of anchors are there?

There are different types of anchors that can be used depending on the seabed and weather conditions.

Posidonia is able to meet your requests by helping you choose the anchoring system that best suits your needs, even by creating custom designs and constructions thanks to its workshop located in Novi Ligure.

How heavy should an anchor be?

The weight of an anchor depends on various factors, including the size and weight of the boat or vessel you wish to anchor, the type of seabed, and the weather conditions. In general, an anchor should be heavy enough to keep the boat securely on the seabed in normal wind and sea conditions.

As a general rule, the anchor should weigh approximately 1 kg per foot of boat length, as specified in the "Armament Module" table (EN). It is also crucial to select an anchor of the appropriate type and shape for the seabed where you plan to anchor.

Posidonia offers HHP anchors with high holding power and SHHP anchors with very high holding power to meet your anchoring needs.

Posidonia’s Sinergies

Our offshore anchors and other types of anchors are mostly cast, and we select them from the best global producers. Although we do not manufacture them in our facility, we can exceptionally produce cast anchors made in Italy.


We at Posidonia can provide assistance in obtaining all necessary certifications, including those from IACS organizations, as well as national and international maritime and river registers.

For further information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have you not found your anchor yet?

No, problem, we can design and create a custom anchor for you!

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