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Our History

Posidonia: how it all began.

Once upon a time, there were three pioneers, Enrico Ardito, Giuseppe Ardito, and Cesare Livraghi, who, before World War II, started recycling spare parts under the name 'Neptunia'.

In the 1960s, Posidonia expanded its business by designing, building, and installing mooring buoys for Italian and international offshore oil terminals and platforms, thus beginning collaborations with world-renowned clients such as Shell and Eni.

As second-hand anchors, chains, and moorings were used, a 500-ton pull test was set up for retesting.

The same pull test is still the most powerful in the Mediterranean, approved by major classification societies.

In 1973, Ettore Ardito, son of Giuseppe Ardito and grandson of Enrico Ardito, joined the company and worked alongside Cesare Livraghi to move the company forward.

In 1980, Neptunia responded to the changing market demands by transitioning from reselling second-hand anchors to producing their own HHP anchors, which were approved by Lloyd's Register and licensed by one of the "fathers" of the renowned POOL anchors, Mr. Owehand.

From Neptunia to Posidonia

In 1984, with the entry of new partners such as Giuseppe Ruzzin, who had been with Neptunia since the 1950s, and Fausto Peirano, along with the Ardito family, Neptunia became Posidonia - a new company focused on producing Made in Italy products.

At the time, the market for chains was still strong but required new ideas. Therefore, in 1990, Posidonia was one of the first companies to explore the Chinese and Indian markets. It concluded its first joint venture with a Chinese chain factory, offering immediate shipping at the lowest price in Europe.

Posidonia was also an early adopter of open market policies, interacting with major European and international names. In 1996, it was one of the first companies to be approved by all naval registries for its Emergency Towing System, in compliance with the new IMO regulations.

In the early 2000s, Giacomo Ardito, Serena Ardito, and Emiliano Seggi joined the company, taking the place of Ettore Ardito and Giuseppe Ruzzin, who became honorary presidents.

This new generation led the company towards customization of anchors and deck materials. 

Today, Posidonia is a leader in custom-designed anchors produced in Italy and certified by organizations worldwide.

Posidonia's achievements.

  • In 2011

    After 3 years of study and testing, Posidonia obtained approval from ABS, RMRS, RINA, BV, LR, and DNV for its SHHP anchors. Today, Posidonia works with all IACS entities and with all national and international naval and river registers.

  • In March 2013

    first record

    Posidonia achieved its first record: the PTW+® SHHP (Super High Holding Power) anchor, the world's largest anchor made of DUPLEX® - a special stainless steel with impressive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

  • On November 2, 2013

    Posidonia reached its latest milestone: the 15,000 kg PTW HHP (High Holding Power) anchor! One of the largest welded anchors ever built in the EU, it was replicated in 2020 with another 21-tonne PTW anchor.

  • In 2015

    Posidonia relocated its production facility from Genoa to Novi Ligure, with new offices, warehouse, and workshop covering over 6,000 sqm strategically located between two highways.

  • In 2017

    The world's most luxurious anchor was born

    AIDA, an anchor decorated with Crystal Caviar crystals for luminous and sparkling anchors. AIDA was the first of the super-customized anchors, not only for mechanical performance, less weight and more performance, but also for aesthetics, confirming our leadership in the Super yacht market.

  • From 2013 to 2023

    We have achieved other important milestones such as the production of deck equipment that can operate at minus 50 degrees. We have established partnerships in the Netherlands, China, and Singapore with excellent results. We have supplied the world's longest yachts from 2013 to today.

Posidonia Srl has evolved over almost 100 years while still keeping its tradition alive. Its expertise and skills have been acquired over time, reflecting the company's long-standing profession.

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A century in Nautics, 40 years of Posidonia.

08 February 2024
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