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Deck Equipment

Why choose Posidonia Deck Equipment?

Posidonia designs, manufactures, and certifies deck equipment, anchors, and chains for yachts, ships, workboats, and military vessels.

In addition to bollards, fairleads, and other deck equipment already on the market, we offer large custom elements for boats that require high performance and reduced weight, thanks to our in-house team of designers who oversee all manufacturing stages.

Our flagship products are deck equipment that operates at extreme temperatures such as -50 degrees for vessels working at the poles.

Our deck equipment is designed and manufactured in Italy by certified personnel, mostly using welded sheet metal. Within our workshops, we offer everything from the painting booth to non-destructive testing tools.

Need a custom Deck Equipment? We can produce it.

Thanks to our in-house pull bench, we can have our anchors certified by all IACS organizations and national and international naval and river registers.

What is meant by deck equipment?

"Deck equipment" refers to a wide range of gear and devices installed on the top part of a ship, known as the deck, which facilitate various operations during navigation. These include but are not limited to winches, fenders, bollards, fairleads, ladders, gangways, rudders, and other equipment necessary for control, anchoring, mooring, and ship safety. In general, deck equipment is designed to withstand marine conditions and to facilitate navigation and work operations onboard. These devices are essential to ensure the safety of the crew and cargo, as well as to enable efficient and reliable navigation in open seas.

How can I choose the most suitable deck equipment for my ship?

When selecting deck equipment for your vessel, it's important to consider several factors to ensure you find the best solution for your needs. First and foremost, evaluating the size and type of the vessel, as well as its primary use, is crucial. For example, a commercial ship will have different requirements than a recreational boat or a fishing vessel.
Additionally, it's essential to consider the quality and durability of the materials used in the equipment to ensure longevity and safety during sea use. Ease of use and equipment maintenance are other aspects to consider, as it's important to rely on gear that is practical and reliable even in the most challenging conditions.
Finally, consulting industry experts or conducting thorough research to find products that meet the specific requirements of your vessel is advisable, ensuring safe and comfortable navigation.

How can I ensure proper maintenance of deck equipment for the safety of my ship?

Proper maintenance of deck equipment is crucial to ensuring the safety and efficiency of the vessel. To keep the equipment in excellent condition, it is advisable to regularly follow a preventive maintenance schedule. This may include periodic inspections to identify any signs of wear or damage, lubrication of moving parts, and replacement of consumable components.
Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the specific maintenance of each piece of equipment. This may involve using appropriate cleaning and lubrication products and adhering to any recommended maintenance procedures.
Finally, keeping detailed records of maintenance activities performed, including dates and descriptions of the work done, is advisable. This helps ensure compliance with safety regulations and promptly identifies any issues requiring corrective action. Paying attention to the maintenance of deck equipment contributes to the safety of the crew and the reliability of the vessel during operations at sea.

Posidonia Synergies

In addition to the anchor, Posidonia provides and advises you on the accessory and chain that best suits your needs, even recommending the windlass that best fits the anchor you have chosen through the "complete anchoring system", the integrated solution created with Italwinch.

Posidonia, customization and confidentiality

We work throughout Europe and worldwide with the most important shipyards. Working on customization, confidentiality is a value that distinguishes our company. Among our anchors, there are some that are not visible on the website: do you want an anchor that you can't find? Ask us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can provide it for you!

Have you not found your Deck Equipment yet?

No problem, we can design and create a custom Deck Equipment for you!

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