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Finishing and polishing

Mirror Polishing

How mirror polishing is done

Mirror polishing of Duplex stainless steel is carried out by our workers in Posidonia's workshop and is a manual operation using tools. It is a mechanical action that allows obtaining a high-quality finish so that the body in question shines with reflected light. It is a precise and very delicate operation if a quality result is desired. Low-speed abrasive amalgams are used to slowly remove scratches and imperfections from the metal, resulting in a smooth surface and the anchor or deck equipment becoming shiny and mirror-like.

In more technical terms, steel with a mirror finish will have an Ra reading of less than 0.2, or average roughness. Roughness (Ra) measures the microscopic peaks and valleys in the surface of the metal: the lower the number of these peaks and valleys, the smoother and more reflective the metal surface will be.

Polishing to a mirror finish brings both aesthetic and functional advantages.

The Posidonia mirror finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, bright and reflective, but also has a technical value as mirror polished metal behaves differently compared to rougher surface finishes when exposed to external environmental factors. An anchor, a chain, or deck equipment with a mirror finish is less susceptible to corrosion than surfaces with rougher finishes.

Posidonia certifications

  • The polishing can be requested with a precise value of surface roughness expressed in micrometers.

  • The treatments are followed by the company and the finishes are the signature of our anchors, chains, and all the towing and mooring equipment we design and produce in Novi Ligure.

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A certificate from 1897: the tradition of maritime certifications at Posidonia

17 July 2024
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