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With almost 100 years of experience in the naval sector, Posidonia is now established in special equipment that needs to be installed on mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs) such as minesweepers, mine hunters, or drones.

All equipment must be as light as possible and have low magnetic permeability while maintaining high performance. Posidonia is a leader in welded anchors and chains, reducing weight on board by offering:

  • Super High Holding Power Anchors (PTW+®)
  • Grade 3 High Strength Steel Chains

Both made of low magnetic permeability steel: a unique combination fully approved by naval classification societies.

Low magnetic permeability should not be confused with magnetism. It is the measure of a material's ability to withstand the formation of a magnetic field inside it, typically represented by the Greek letter µ (*). The most common material that meets the above is generally AISI 316L or 304L, but it does not exist in GRADE 3!

After several years of research and development, Posidonia has identified new materials with a special production process to obtain GRADE 3 chains while maintaining a very low magnetic permeability. Several years ago, the average magnetic permeability value was set at µ < 2.0; today, the average value required is about µ < 1.38. We can now provide chains with µ < 1.00 and anchors with µ < 1.09.

A Option (Grade 2 + HHP)

12 lengths of 27.5 meters of anchor chain, with a diameter of 24 mm, for pin anchoring. Grade 2

Breaking load kN 332 - Proof load kN 237
Total weight: 4260 Kg
Total volume: 2.136 m3
1 high holding power anchor, weighing 585 Kg
Total weight, including anchor, chains, and accessories: 4887 Kg.

B Option (Grade 3 + SHHP)

12 lengths of 27.5 meters of anchor chain with a diameter of 22 mm for pin anchoring, level 3.
The breaking load is 401 kN and the proof load is 280 kN.
Total weight: 3528 kg.
Total volume: 1.764 m3.
1 high-holding power anchor weighing 390 kg.
Total weight of anchor, chains and accessories: 3958 kg.

The weight difference between option A and option B is about 20% less and even more for larger equipment numbers. * µ=µr µ0 (µr relative permeability) (µ0 permeability of free space).

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