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A century in Nautics, 40 years of Posidonia.

Welcome to 2024!

This year is a big deal for us. Posidonia was founded in 1984 and is now celebrating its first 40 years.... Well, maybe calling them the 'first' 40 years isn't entirely accurate.

The founding fathers of Posidonia, Ettore and Paola Ardito, Fausto Peirano, and Giuseppe Ruzzin, used to work for Neptunia: same folks, same company, just a different name. It went from being named after the Roman sea god (Neptune) to the Greek one (Poseidon). But the change wasn't just in the name – it was a whole new direction in the company's mission.

I asked Ettore Ardito to share the four most significant milestones of these 40 years:

  • Ettore Ardito, honorary president of Posidonia:

    "Undoubtedly, the most important is the generational transition. Secondly, the relocation to Novi, which set the stage for expansion. Looking back to the '80s, the launch of the HERMES emergency towing systems. And, from the beginning until today, the corporate policy towards employees: the crew has always felt secure on the Posidonia ship."

After many years working for the sea in mooring and towing, buying, repairing, pulling, and certifying anchors, chains, and deck material, we focused on Made in Italy production and later on customization.

  • Giuseppe Ruzzin, honorary president of Posidonia

    "Our story begins with Neptunia, a Genoese company dedicated to refurbishing stock materials, an activity that ceased in 1974 to enhance the recovery, overhaul, and testing of chains, anchors, and their accessories, thanks also to the Test Bench purchased in 1957.

    From 1976 to 1979, we relocated from Molo Giano, strengthening the workshop in the warehouse on Via Giovanni da Verrazzano.

    In 1984, we founded Posidonia with the construction, in 1986, of the FIRST HHP anchor, under Dutch license, and enhancement of construction activities.

    The study, design, approval, and production of HPP and V-HHP (or S-HHP) anchors, both in carbon steel (over 26,000 kg) and non-magnetic (over 4,200 kg), became an important part of our work after the entry of the new generation and the relocation to the new facilities and warehouse in Novi Ligure."

That's why today we celebrate with the pay-off: 'A century in Nautics, 40 years of Posidonia.'

The anniversary logo aims to tell the story of this continuity between Neptunia (the circle on the left) and Posidonia (on the right), even at a visual graphic level.

Why is it so important for us to share this dual anniversary?

Because 40 years is a significant milestone, and Posidonia has undergone tremendous growth. It has expanded, introduced new products, explored new markets: today we have reference points in the Netherlands with Mr. Arman Diets, in China with Mr. Tsai and with Mr. Yu Heng in Singapore.

Currently, we have 26 employees, and our facilities encompass over 6000 square meters, including warehouses, workshops, and offices. We export 42 percent of our products globally.

We collaborate with the Italian Navy, the most prestigious yacht shipyards worldwide, and for more than a decade, we have been supplying anchors for the world's largest yachts.

  • Serena Ardito, General Manager of Posidonia:

    "As manufacturers, we are always responsive to our customers' requests. When I think of Posidonia, I think of the attention that I, first and foremost, dedicate to taking care of my company, my collaborators, and our customers. Dedication to work is what sets us apart."

These 40 years of Posidonia carry the legacy of Neptunia's 100 years— experience, tradition, and solidity that is important to tell and celebrate today.

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A century in Nautics, 40 years of Posidonia.

08 February 2024
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