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AIDA, Luxury details

An Anchor, a Jewel

In 2016, during the Monaco Superyacht Show, Posidonia made great connections. A fair like Monaco's is frequented by large shipowners, shipyards, and companies, among which we met Crystal Caviar, and from these encounters came the idea of AIDA. Aida is an anchor that meets the needs of a certain type of shipowner who sees the yacht not only as a vessel but as an extension of their brand, name, and personality.
At Posidonia, we are used to thinking about customizing an anchor on a functional level. Our designers talk every day with shipyard technicians to develop or adapt anchors and deck equipment to construction problems. In this case, however, luxury at sea is the first motivation for the request for customization, and through our skills, we can turn this need into a reality.

Crystal Caviar

is a company that was born in 2010 in northern Bohemia from the experience of Marek Landa in the creation of luxury crystal sculptures and chandeliers for superyachts. Just as Posidonia Crystal Caviar designs and produces its products by hand with a passion that only a company based on tradition can have, both companies also have another passion: the challenge towards the new and the unthinkable.

Thus was born Aida, an anchor in mirror polished stainless steel, large in size and engraved with her name with the precious crystals of Crystal Caviar.

Precious as “the wearer”

We gave ourselves a year to study its feasibility, understand the right way to set the crystals and choose the most suitable crystals, we did tests to understand their resistance and duration.

After a long technical correspondence between us at Posidonia and Crystal Caviar finally comes our High Holding Power Anchor in stainless steel and mirror polished for Bohemia, the queen of welded anchors, which reduces the weight and volume by 25% compared to a 'mass anchor, certified with all IACS bodies and suitable for any type of seabed.

Our Anchor HV returns after a few weeks embellished with white Crystal Caviar crystals of 5 mm in diameter that describe her name: AIDA.

Aida was exhibited at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show.

We want elegance everywhere.

Only thanks to the competence and professionalism of Posidonia and Crystal Caviar is this combination of professionalism and craftsmanship possible.

An excellent collaboration that creates a range of luxury customizations.

The decorations can be made with crystals of 3-5-7mm diameter, and using different colours.

We can supply deck materials with both crystals and gold, gloss black and mirror pink trims.

Do you want to embellish your superyacht with an unparalleled jewel?

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