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Posidonia supplies U.S. shipyards with PTW+® anchors for new CTVs

Like all adventures this one stems from a need and a bond of trust. Hence our supply of PTW+® anchors with very high anchoring power for American Shipyards' CTVs.

CTVs are specialized vessels used to move personnel, and sometimes equipment, from land to oil rigs and now to marine wind farms. They play a crucial role in the logistics of offshore operations.

Specifically, Windea's hybrid CTVs are aluminum catamarans that are 30 meters long, can carry up to 24 people and have a maximum speed of 27 knots, BV certified.

For these vessels, Posidonia supplied SHHP PTW+® anchors, fully balanced ultra-high anchoring power of 184 kg.

What are SHHP ultra-high anchors?

They are anchors that allow a 50 percent weight reduction compared to a bulk anchor while maintaining the same anchoring power. These makes them suitable for fast boats that need to reduce bulk and weight on board and limit fuel consumption.

In addition, we have provided the a chain line system of the smallest possible size and weight but with adequate strength. For example, the HMPE rope, which has the advantage of being impregnated with a coating that makes it strong enough to be comparable to a steel cable, with considerably less weight; all BV certified.

Our clients are the U.S. shipyards GULF CRAFT LLC, St John's-ship and Breauxboats, who are building or have built the first 5 models of Windea hybrid CTVs to INCAT CROWTHER's design, Working Catamarans with SHHP PTW+® Posidonia anchors.

We have been collaborating fruitfully with the INCAT CROWTHER design studio for several years.

Collaborating with design studios brings benefits both to the studios that are supported by our engineering department that specializes in 3D simulations for what concerns mooring and towing, and for Posidonia that becomes a reference company capable of solving problems, giving safety and creating important and innovative customizations.

Posidonia has always worked in the offshore arena and with yards that build workboats (as CTV) all over the world, yards of international significance.

New Offshore Wind Farms.

Posidonia was called by Incat Crowther to develop the mooring design using a fully balanced SHHP PTW+® anchor. The need is for all mooring equipment to be as light, as space-saving as possible without neglecting the element of safety and reliability, which is critical for fast boats working in the offshore environment, i.e., with loads and in sea conditions that are not always easy.

CTVs are boats are essential for all emergency situations that may arise during wind farm construction and maintenance. CTVs are high-speed boats with increased operational capacity in rough seas and reduced fuel consumption.

New offshore wind farms are the trend of the moment, and of our immediate future. It is believed that by 2030, a large proportion of offshore wind turbines will be in operation around the world, many anchored with super anchors that will allow them to keep these systems firmly anchored to the seafloor.

Hybrid (hybrid-ready) CTV project.

Incat Crowther, a digital shipbuilding team that designs, builds and advises on specialized vessels worldwide, has been contracted by the Windea company to produce the new CTVs for offshore wind farms.

Since the virtue of CTV vessels is that they are fast, light, capacious and safe, they are equipped with our SHHP (also called VHHP) anchors, which provide a 50 percent weight saving compared to a grounded anchor while still providing the same safety.

CTV vessels are set up to be "hybrid-ready", which means it was built with room reserved for all the components needed for future upgrade to hybrid propulsion, but already the vessels use a combination of direct drive and electric propulsion, up to and including 0 emissions mode.

The CTVs designed by Incat Crowther are operated by WINDEA, built in the U.S. Northeast, and have our mooring equipment on board.

Are you interested in SHHP PTW+® anchors?

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