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The Posidonia double bollards with the highest SWL in the world

Need: create double bollards, with the highest SWL (Safe Working Load) in the world.

Posidonia double bollards are the result of a deep analysis of the most widespread international standards such as NS and ISO 13795.

We wanted to start from the most "simple" and linear existing one: the NS standard (Norwegian Standard).

In this way were born (after a profound re-engineering of materials, thicknesses and design distribution of forces lasting several years) the Posidonia bollards with the highest SWL in the world

350 Bollards

An example, and flagship, are the 350 bollards (the number 350 is given by the diameter of the shaft, of the main tube).

A custom bollard 350 has a customizable height ranging from 650 to 1058 mm.

With great pride we can communicate that, after several years of experimentation and use in various construction sites, both civil and military, our double bollards have mooring SWL values (with the figure of 8 of the rope) incredibly higher if compared to those of an ISO 13795 . Our double bollards have a mooring value 62% more compared to an ISO 13795.

If we compare the values for the towing (rope with a single final eye) we reach 71% more, again with reference to the ISO 13795 standard, for the same 'size'.

High performance and low weight

These values were possible because Posidonia produces, designs and manufactures its products in Italy, always thinking about how to minimize weight and improve performance in terms of working load.

Therefore: less occupied space on deck, lower weight and higher IACS (RINA) approved performance.

Call us and ask how we can help you increase the performance of your boat while reducing its weight.

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08 February 2024
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100% Quality

ISO 9001:2015 quality system and IACS approvals guarantee our 100% quality products.

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