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Posidonia at Mets 2022

The Mets is an unmissable event for anyone involved in nautical components.

Posidonia was also at Metstrade in 2022. We are always present together with Armand Diets, our contact and selling point for the Netherlands.

Having a person of consolidated experience and who speaks the Dutch language is a fundamental element for us to grow and consolidate the market in the Netherlands.

This year together with our CEO Giacomo Ardito there were also Paolo Piccarolo and Matteo Ricci from our technical and commercial department. Matteo Ricci, having worked for several years in England, speaks English fluently (like everyone in Posidonia, but he has a London accent).
We have several contacts like Armand Diets in the world such as: Mr Yu Heng, our contact and selling point in the Singapore area and Mr Yieh Tsai, our contact and selling point in the PRC area.

In our stand there were three anchors:

the 400kg stainless steel HV anchor, the king of welded anchors, suitable for any type of seabed.
A galvanized HVFB 410 Kg anchor with stainless steel bottom, FB stands for Fully Balanced: anchors that remain with the flukes raised instead of lowered; when the bottom is present they are always balanced.

Both the HV anchor and the HVFB allow a weight reduction of up to 25% compared to a normal anchor.
The smallest was “only” 97 kg, a galvanized PTW+ anchor with stainless steel plate. Super High Holding Power anchors allow a weight reduction of 50% compared to a normal anchor.

The plate can be made of a different material than the anchor. In these last two models the anchors were hot-dip galvanized with a mirror polished stainless steel plate. Both HVFB and PTW+ can have the shank shortened by 10%.

All our anchors are made by skilled workers and certified by the most important certification bodies.
Posidonia, industrial craftsmanship and experience at your service

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08 February 2024
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