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Posidonia at Metstrade 2023

Posidonia will be participating in the 35th edition of Metstrade in Amsterdam.

Posidonia will be participating in the 35th edition of Metstrade in Amsterdam.

Metstrade is the largest European trade fair for marine components, bringing together over 1500 companies from around the world to showcase their products and discuss their businesses.

Representatives from shipyards worldwide attend to stay updated on the latest developments and to establish new relationships.

Joining us at the event will be Armand Diets, General Manager of Prohand Bv, a company that has been active in the maritime industry since 1978. The company was founded by Mr. Arie Ouwehand, who is also the father in law of Armand Diets and one of the four original designers of the Pool N anchor.

Mr Diets is our point of reference in The Netherlands.

The fair will be open from Wednesday, November 15, starting at 10:00 AM and running until Friday, November 17, closing at 5:00 PM.

You can find Posidonia at Hall 2, Stand 02-511.

  • The keywords for this year's Metstrade are:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Diversity and Accessibility
  • Employment
  • Sustainability

These are themes that hold great importance for Posidonia, a company with a woman, Serena Ardito, serving as its General Manager. This is a rarity, not just in the Italian context but also in the maritime industry. Furthermore, our company is relatively young when viewed within the broader Italian landscape.

For this reason, we would like to express our gratitude to those who have contributed to our growth and have chosen to pass the torch to the fourth generation, namely Ettore Ardito and Giuseppe Ruzzin.

Our company actively supports professional development and places a strong emphasis on fostering meaningful human connections among our team members. Among them, the workers form the backbone of our production. They engage in activities such as welding, pulling, painting, grinding, cutting, and polishing throughout the day.

At Posidonia, we will be attending and supporting the 'Women in the Marine Industry International' event on Thursday, November 16th, at 8:30 AM. This event is the second global annual gathering focused on professional women working in the leisure marine industry.

METSTRADE 2023 brings together industry professionals from around the world, fostering a more sustainable, diversified, and technologically advanced future for the maritime sector.

METSTRADE 2023 features several pavilions, including:

  • Pavilions representing 19 countries, with the Italian pavilion consistently being one of the largest.
  • The Start-Up Pavilion, showcasing emerging startups in the industry.
  • The Next Generation Propulsion Zone, presenting climate-friendly propulsion solutions.
  • The Construction Material Pavilion (CMP), highlighting sustainable raw materials in yacht construction.
  • The Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP), catering to marina professionals.
  • The SuperYacht Pavilion (SYP), showcasing luxury yacht products and eco-friendly solutions.
  • The Foiling Technology Pavilion (FTP), focusing on high-end racing technology for yachts and boats.

At the exhibition, Posidonia will showcase a partially completed PTW anchor with a 675 kg plate, demonstrating all stages of the manufacturing process for a welded shank anchor. This includes the transformation from raw duplex material to the mirror-polished finished product. Alongside this, we will exhibit “B”-type swivel and stainless steel chain. We will also feature a mirror-polished duplex HV anchor, weighing 400 kg, with concealed welds, complete with a swivel and galvanized chain. In addition, a 25 kg galvanized Bruce anchor with a rotating accessory, zinc-coated chain, and spliced rope will be on display.

Our decision to showcase an anchor in an unfinished state is rooted in Posidonia's identity as an Italian company specializing in anchor and deck equipment manufacturing, proudly made in Italy. We stand ready to accommodate any customizations required by the market.

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