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Posidonia at Seafuture 2023

In the splendid military Arsenal of La Spezia, a treasure chest between the mountains and the sea,  on June 5th at Seafuture 2023 Posidonia was happy to be present. Blue walkways and white gazebos in the shade of the superb ship Amerigo Vespucci which will go around the world twice.

What is Seafuture 2023? It is a Mediterranean hub of the blue economy. The corporate convention for dual use maritime technologies.

It means that many of the technologies are designed for the civilian and military sectors. This is why the event was an excellent meeting point for Navy and Air Force , with 70 participating foreign delegations as well as with many shipyards and companies in the world. The event has been sponsored by Fincantieri, our historic client. At the show we consolidated our relations with the Navy , specially with the Admiral of Squadra Bisconti, who honored us with his attention as he did it already at Euronaval and Imdex Asia. Very important is the relationship that has been consolidated with the French Navy with which we have already been in close contact. A few other countries, especially European countries, have become interested in our mooring materials. 

In our stand we had a small SHH PTW+ anchor, with chain and special rope, all grade 3 approved, in non-magnetic material. We had a custom bollard , whose Posidonia's SWL values  mooring are incredibly higher if are compared to those of ISO 13795.

we offer large custom elements for boats that require high performance and reduced weight.

Want to know more about our custom bollards? Contact us!

In the evening we were invited on board the aircraft carrier cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi, where we had the pleasure of meeting many friends in the sector, sharing information and ideas on the evolution of the blue economy

This is Seafuture!

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A certificate from 1897: the tradition of maritime certifications at Posidonia

17 July 2024
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