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Other Anchors and offshore Anchors

Anchors chosen by Posidonia for you

A century in the field of mooring.

Our 100 years of experience in the mooring field allow us to have contacts with the best manufacturers and obtain the best prices. We have seen many factories born and grow in their production.

Our technicians can, if needed, install the anchor and chains onboard or repair them in case of necessity.

What is a HHP anchor?

HHP stands for High Holding Power. A HHP anchor is designed to offer superior holding power compared to traditional anchors. It typically features a modified design and higher weight-to-size ratio, allowing it to penetrate various seabed conditions more effectively and provide better holding capabilities, especially in challenging environments or adverse weather conditions.

What is AC anchor?

AC anchor stands for Admiralty Pattern Anchor. It is a type of anchor that has a long history and is commonly used in marine applications. The AC anchor is characterized by its traditional design, which includes a central shank with two arms or flukes extending from it. These arms are curved and pointed to grip the seabed securely, providing stability and holding power to vessels when anchored.

What is a Spek anchor?

A Spek anchor, also known as a Stockless Anchor, is a type of anchor commonly used on ships and other marine vessels. Unlike traditional anchors, the Spek anchor does not have a stock (a crossbar at the top). Instead, it features two large pivoting flukes connected to a shank. This design allows for easier stowage and handling aboard ships while still providing reliable holding power when deployed. The Spek anchor is widely used in both commercial and military maritime operations.

Posidonia’s Sinergies

Our offshore anchors and other types of anchors are mostly cast, and we select them from the best global producers. Although we do not manufacture them in our facility, we can exceptionally produce cast anchors made in Italy.


We at Posidonia can provide assistance in obtaining all necessary certifications, including those from IACS organizations, as well as national and international maritime and river registers.

For further information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have you not found your anchor yet?

No, problem, we can design and create a custom anchor for you!

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A certificate from 1897: the tradition of maritime certifications at Posidonia

17 July 2024
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ISO 9001:2015 quality system and IACS approvals guarantee our 100% quality products.

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