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Special chain locker

What’s a Special chain locker

The TIMS type chain stopper was born from the need of a Posidonia customer to quickly release the chain stored in the chain locker from the deck.

Its particular shape and limited size, combined with its ease of release, make it a useful tool for ships of any size.

Do you need a custom deck element tailored to your needs?

Posidonia products

Chain stoppers


Roller chain stopper

Suitable for stud link chain from 20.5mm to 54mm in Grade 2 and 3.
Made of certified high-strength plated material, WITHOUT cast steel components.
It withstands 80% of the braking load of the chain cable.
Available with a work certificate or class certificate.

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A certificate from 1897: the tradition of maritime certifications at Posidonia

17 July 2024
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100% Quality

ISO 9001:2015 quality system and IACS approvals guarantee our 100% quality products.

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